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Masof Logistic Services

Real-Time Shipment Tracking & Control

Masof provides professional courier services throughout Israel via its fleet of more than 250 vehicles.
The company specializes in transporting blood and other pathological specimens, delivering laboratory tests several times a day for all of Israel’s healthcare services, as well as many public and private medical centers.
NG Workshop has been working with Masof since 2012, developing various solutions including a dedicated system that enables Masof to track and control every step within this end-to-end logistical process in real time. 
Following the outbreak of COVID-19 and the need to transport thousands of test kits in a short space of time, we also created a special system designed to manage the delivery of these kits to verified patients from the different healthcare services. 
NG Workshop’s extensive expertise enables us to supply advanced software solutions tailored to unique and exceptional circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.


"I'm always impressed by how well they understand their clients' needs and how their team adjusts accordingly".

Hagay Albo, Co-Founder



The Easy Way to Oversee Logistics 

Masof is the management system that keeps track of what's where, and when, from your inventory to the customer's doorstep and everywhere in between. You can track inventory, take orders, and keep an eye on shipments throughout their route. With intensive quality control of certificates of delivery, this system is perfect for highly-sensitive deliveries like frozen food, hazardous materials, and top-secret documents.



A New Shower Experience

The SmarTap smart shower combines a sensational experience with elegant design, using cutting-edge technology to learn and adapt to your personal preferences, like temperature, pressure, and duration. Now every bath or shower can be a magical time of pure luxury and indulgence.

SmarTap enables you to set up your ideal shower via an app or voice control (Amazon Alexa / Google Home) and can even prepare a bath for you, in line with your exact needs.

NG Workshop has been by SmarTap’s side throughout the software and app development process, guiding and supporting them every step of the way. We are currently supplying frequent software updates and innovative new features, ensuring that the perfect shower just keeps getting better.


"I can honestly say that NG Workshop has an impressive arsenal of talent that is ready to take your development needs to the next level."

Roy Veller, CTO at Masof


Dekel Group 


Navigating Digital Transformation

Dekel Group brings together several leading Israeli companies specializing in developing smart tools for various aspects of the construction, infrastructure, renovation, and maintenance industries.
The Group has been editing and producing pricelists and manuals for the professional and private sectors since 1986. Alongside technological advances and the shift to online work, Dekel Group has expanded its activities and started to develop software, applications, sophisticated calculators, and cloud-based platforms for tasks such as project management, file sharing, and online tenders, among others.
NG Workshop is proud to be a full partner in Dekel Group’s digital transformation, contributing to its continued success and developing the new digital pricelist now available on mobile and desktop.


"NG Workshop team is knowledgeable, professional, and product-oriented.
They keep clear and responsive communication at all levels - making them truly part of your team."

Dvir Paravi, Founder & CEO at Keepy AI


Smart Zefat

The App Making College Life Easier for Students & Staff

Zefat Academic College has entered an exciting new era with the launch of an innovative app and social networking site that will make it simpler than ever for students to manage all aspects of college life online!
Now students are only a click away from an online class schedule, a bulletin board, academic assistance, assignment submissions, scholarship information, apartment rental listings, an events calendar, a job board, and more.
NG Workshop is happy to provide all ZAC students with this simple, effective way to achieve even greater academic success.

חשמליסטmockup 2.png


Kahane Group, established in 1935, is one of the leading companies in the electrics, electronics and home-automation systems in Israel.

In its constant drive for innovation, Kahana group has invented Hashmalist -  a hybrid mobile application that enables contractors to create and update bill-of-materials on the go, selecting from a rich and photographed catalog of high-end parts and products. After creating the bill of materials, the contractor can then share it with suppliers in order to obtain detailed and accurate quotes.


"Great development team, with a wide skillset. I've built several platforms with NG Workshop, and have had great results."

Yuval Klein, CTO at SmarTap (Masco Group)


Making the Smart Move

Check Point Software Technologies is an Israeli company active in the development of software for data security, network and endpoint security, mobile security, and cloud security. It is perhaps best known for its state-of-the-art firewall, VPN, and cyber security solutions.
Check Point understands that migrating a security database is a security-level critical mission for any organization. That’s why the company decided to launch the Check Point SmartMove tool, which converts a third party database with a firewall security policy and NAT into a Check Point database. Now moving to Check Point really is a “SmartMove”!
Check Point chose the NG Workshop team to be the leading developer of this breakthrough SmartMove tool.

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